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Posted by Jacqulyn Walker on

Hello! Welcome to Vonnie’s Vault!

This company was established in 2020 and named after my grandmother, Yvonne. Her and her mother were known for practicing the art of herbal alternatives. I on the other hand was never really into the art of healing/helping as a kid and so I initially studied computer science at UNCC.

Later in life my perspective changed and alternatives became a massive part of my life when I lost my father to the Lejeune water contamination only 2 years before Covid isolated the world. After watching my family pass on from idiopathic diseases, I decided my friend and family needed my analytics more than any system or software .

Today, those who are closest to me refer to me as the "Little Loc Lady", not only because I am 4’7 with locs to my waist, but also because I have spent the past few years collecting and securing a wealth of holistic knowledge.

This is why I chose to open Vonnies Vault Organics, a holistic/indigenous boutique comprised of various handmade products and other carefully selected items for daily healing and maintenance, IMO my lineage.

Please feel free to take a look around and see what treasures may align with your needs.

“We Gon’ Be Alright”.. Love, Vonnie.

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